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Whiplash Treatment provided by Hogan Chiropractic of Sugar Land

Some of the most critical moments in a lifetime pass in an instant yet leave lasting consequences — and a whiplash injury is a perfect case in point. This combination of several kinds of damage occurs as fast as it takes your head to whip back and forth in a car crash, while the pain, stiffness, and other symptoms can turn into disabling chronic conditions unless they receive prompt, effective treatment. If you believe that you may be suffering from whiplash, you need to make an immediate appointment at Hogan Chiropractic in Sugar Land TX. Our doctors can provide a safe, non-invasive mix of treatment modalities to help you bounce back.

Whiplash Treatment in Sugar Land

Understanding Whiplash: Causes, Damage and Symptoms

The lash of a whip is so fast that it actually breaks the sound barrier (thus causing the familiar “crack” that we hear). It’s sharp, violent motion which serves as a good analogy for the kinds of neck injuries you can sustain in a car crash or other high-impact accident. When your vehicle comes to a sudden stop, either under its own power or through a collision, a lot of force can be transferred from those thousands of pounds of mass to your body — even if you were moving at only a few miles per hour at the time of the stop. Your upper body may be safely restrained behind a seat belt, but your neck and head have only the back rest of the seat to limit their motion. The head responds by flying backward
and forward sharply. Each of these high-speed motions causes its own share of the damage to the neck, including:

● Torn muscles and connective tissues
● Herniated cervical discs and pinched cervical nerve roots
● Severe pain and inflammation

As you can imagine, this collection of injuries can have devastating consequences on your function and comfort. The damaged neck tissues can cause extreme pain; they also respond by stiffening up in an attempt to prevent further damage. Damage to the surrounding tissues may make neck motion impossible in any case. Meanwhile, compression of cervical nerve tissue can cause you to experience pain, tingling, loss of sensation or loss of function in your upper extremities, a condition called cervical radiculopathy. Other troubling symptoms include headaches, migraines, mental confusion, memory loss, mood changes and dizziness. These symptoms may not be evident right away, but it is important to have your spine evaluated to help prevent long term effects from happening.

How Chiropractors Care for Whiplash Injuries

Chiropractors are a top of the line choice of providers for whiplash treatment. That’s because we can treat many of the cervical spinal problems caused by whiplash without resorting to surgery. Our doctors will perform a detailed exam of the affected areas to determine what the best line of treatment would best suit you. Our exam will include ranges of motion to the affected areas, a neurological exam to make sure there hasn’t been any neurologic damage, and an orthopedic exam that will help us rule in and rule out certain structures that could have been affected during the accident. We can then administer a treatment plan specifically designed for you. Since whiplash typically involves muscles, tendons, and ligaments as well as other structures, Hogan Chiropractic provides a variety of treatments to compliment your chiropractic adjustments. Our MLS laser therapy, for example, uses wavelengths of light that penetrate deep into the tissues, promoting accelerated healing and relieving inflammation. Corrective exercises and other forms of rehabilitation can then help you regain full control of your neck.  

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