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Patient holding his knee due to some joint or knee pain.

Joint pain is such a commonplace phenomenon that many of us are content to shrug it off -- or we would be if the act of shrugging didn't hurt so much. Knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, and back or neck pain afflict millions of Americans. These aches and pains may do a lot for the health of the pharmaceutical industry, but the drugs themselves hardly do more than mute the pain for a few hours.

You need solutions that can address not only your joint pain but also the musculoskeletal conditions that threaten the health and function of those joints. In other words, you need the meaningful pain relief and chronic pain management strategies offered here at Hogan Spine & Rehab, your joint pain treatment in Sugar Land.

The Root Cause of Your Joint Pain

Male runner holding his ankle due to ankle pain

Joints that are healthy and able to function normally aren't likely to hurt. Misalignment of a joint's components, however, can cause all kinds of problems. Sometimes the problem is related chronic degeneration that affects how the joint components interact. In osteoarthritis, for instance, the protective cartilage in the joint thins out, allowing the bone ends to grind together. 

Other cases of joint pain are related to chronic overuse. Awkward motions or positions in your daily work or favorite sport can cause chronic muscle strain, tendinitis, or bursitis in a joint. 

An acute injury causes more sudden (and often more severe) joint pain. In addition to suffering acute sprains or strains, a joint may be completed dislocated, causing immediate and agonizing pain.

Where Does It Hurt? Common Joint Pain Sites

Many forms of chronic back or neck pain actually originate as tissue strain or arthritis in the spinal joints. You may also experience joint pain in your:

  • Knee - Knee pain is commonly caused by osteoarthritis-related to years of wear and tear -- but it's also possible to develop an overuse injury such as runner's knee.
  • Ankle - Your ankles can easily suffer acute sprain or strain injuries.
  • Shoulder or arm - A pinched nerve (either in your cervical spine or in the shoulder joint itself) can cause shoulder pain that radiates to the arm. Bursitis and torn rotator cuff muscles can also debilitate the shoulder.
  • Elbow, wrist or hand- Golfers and tennis players frequently experience chronic elbow pain due to tendinitis. Another kind of overuse injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, involves pinching of the median nerve which produces wrist pain, hand pain, numbness and weakness.

Chiropractic Care, Laser Therapy and Other Non-Invasive Treatment Options

Chiropractor examining young males knee

Most kinds of joint pain respond well to conservative treatment, allowing you to forego less effective, riskier methods such as drugs or surgery. Here at Hogan Spine & Rehab, we treat joint problems using non-invasive techniques such as: 

• Chiropractic care - Sometimes a painful joint just needs to be adjusted through chiropractic treatment. By bringing those joint structures back into their proper positions, we can help that joint move more easily and comfortably. 

Spinal decompression - Collapsed, bulging discs can put stress on the spinal joints. Our Chattanooga DTS spinal decompression therapy can help bulging joints regain height, normalizing the spacing between vertebrae.

Laser Therapy  - Laser therapy is a drug-free, state-of-the-art modality that can reduce swelling, ease pain, and promote healing in joint tissues. We can employ it for arthritis pain management, tendinitis, or acute injury repair.

• Rehabilitation -  We can create a personalized physical rehabilitation program to help you come back from a disabling joint injury or painful chronic joint problem.

Hogan Spine & Rehab Is the Natural Choice for Sugar Land Joint Pain Care

Numbing your joint pain, as many doctors may seek to do, is only a patch on the real problem -- fixing or controlling the underlying problems that make the joints hurt. Hogan Spine & Rehab provides that deeper level of care, and without subjecting you to surgery. Call for joint pain treatment in Sugar Land at (281) 240-2225 for an appointment!

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