You tried a new $500 driver,You tried the latest golf magazine tips,You even paid $4 for those new golf balls…Yet your score hasn’t changedTry changing the real driving force behind your swing…

Your Body

The GolFitness System, identifies your swing faults, the physical cause and the physical corrections necessary to change your game. From driving to putting, you will improve your ball striking without adding another swing thought or equipment change.

  • Hit the ball farther and with greater consistency
  • Get stronger and more flexible
  • Watch your handicap go down

Golf Body Screen

Golf exercises, golf tipsA 30-point analysis from top of backswing to impact position and finish. The screen reveals compensatory moves in your golf swing caused by physical limitations by checking:

  • Dynamic & static posture
  • Weight distribution
  • Weight transfer
  • Swing center movement
  • Center of gravity positions
  • Rotation
  • Wrist position
  • Head movement
  • Spine angles and more

Golf Shape Rx

  • A musculoskeletal assessment to precisely reveal which physical factors are influencing your swing
  • Comprehensive review of your strength, flexibility and balance
  • Body screen of your chipping and putting

Golf Exercise

Once the evaluation process is complete, Dr. Hogan can create an exercise and golf performance program designed just for you… A professionally designed and personalized golf fitness program…Your exercise plan includes

  • Stretching exercises
  • Strength and power training
  • Golf specific exercises and drills using specialized golf fitness equipment
  • Instructions on how to implement your personalized golf fitness program


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