Poor Posture and Shoulder Pain

Suffering from ongoing shoulder pain can start to impact your day-to-day life. Even simple tasks like routine household maintenance can be problematic for someone suffering from shoulder pain. Although shoulder pain may stem from an acute injury, even simple issues, like poor posture, can cause ongoing shoulder pain. A chiropractic office can quickly treat poor posture and shoulder pain using non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment techniques.  

How Does Poor Posture Lead To Shoulder Pain?

Man suffering from Shoulder pain.

The shoulder is an intricate joint that has many moving parts. While an acute injury can lead to ongoing pain, sometimes the symptoms are developed slowly over a long period. Pain in the shoulder could result from pinched, strained, or trapped tendons and muscles within the shoulder joint caused by poor posture.  

Slouching or sitting with rounded shoulders can strain the shoulder muscles, causing a condition called shoulder impingement. Prolonged over some time, sitting or standing incorrectly could cause shoulder pain because the shoulder tendon responsible for movement doesn't have enough room to operate correctly. Poor posture and shoulder pain are often directly related, with one leading to the other.  

Tips To Improve Your Posture 

Improving your posture is the easiest way to relieve pain caused by ongoing shoulder impingement. Reinforcing strong habits to promote good posture is the best way to eliminate shoulder pain and prevent it in the future.

To improve your posture, you should:

Girl sit at desk work on computer in correct posture.
  • Stand Correctly - To stand correctly, be sure to be upright with your shoulders pulled back. Keep your knees slightly bent, and avoid locking your knees, especially when standing for a long period. Let your arms hang naturally at the side of your body, and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.  
  • Sit Correctly - Keep your ankles ahead of your knees, and ensure your feet are firmly positioned on the floor. You'll want to leave a small gap between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees. Keep your shoulders relaxed while you sit; if needed, you can use an extra pillow to support your spine while sitting in a chair.  

If you are trying to improve your posture, think about how you are sitting or standing. Over time, proper posture will become a habit, leading to a healthier shoulder, spine, and body.  

Get Help From Shoulder Pain Experts

Shoulder pain can impact daily life, so seeing an expert is essential. A shoulder pain expert can evaluate your shoulder and create a customized treatment plan. Shoulder pain experts can not only help you return to the activities you love, but they are there to help answer questions related to your treatment process.  

At Hogan Spine and Rehabilitation Center, we believe every patient is an individual. We have several treatment methods that can help treat shoulder pain. Sometimes a patient's treatment plan will include just one technique, while others might combine several techniques into a customized wellness plan.  

Chiropractor doing some Chiropractic adjustment at the Hogan Spine and Rehabilitation Center.

Some common treatments for shoulder pain include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustment - Adjusting the spine can put the body back into alignment and reduce shoulder impingement. Chiropractic adjustment can also be made on the shoulder joint, correcting a misalignment.  
  • MLS Laser - Specialized light is focused on the shoulder, which can promote healing, especially for soft tissues.  
  • Rehabilitation - A combination of stretching and exercise can help increase strength and flexibility in the shoulder muscles.  
  • Spinal Decompression - Decreasing pressure on the spine can help alleviate radiating pain to the shoulder.  


Poor posture and shoulder pain are very closely related. Over time, sitting or standing incorrectly can cause the shoulder muscles, tendons, and ligaments to become strained, resulting in ongoing pain.  

Don't suffer in pain any longer. Hogan Spine and Rehabilitation Center's professional and caring chiropractic team is here to help. Our dedicated team is based in Sugar Land, TX, and is ready to create your customized wellness plan. Call us today at 281-717-6166 for an appointment with our professional team. 

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