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Knee Pain Treatment in Sugar Land

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Knee pain can hurt your life in all kinds of ways. Whether your knee feels like a rusty hinge every time you move it or you can't put any weight on the joint at all, you know you need help -- but at the same time, you dread the idea of undergoing major knee surgery. That's where Hogan Chiropractic can help. Either chiropractor on our Sugar Land TX team can discover the root cause of your symptoms and administer non-invasive knee pain treatment solutions that improve both comfort and functionality.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

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Many cases of knee pain are the inevitable result of getting older. A lifetime of weight-bearing (or a shorter period of intense overuse) can wear down the cartilage that normally reduces friction between bone ends in the joint. This deterioration is responsible for the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Ligament damage is another common culprit seen by our Sugar Land chiropractors. The knee has multiple ligaments, each of which is tasked with different functions. 

For instance: 

  • If you rupture your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), you may find forward shin motion agonizing

  • If you rupture your posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), backward shin motion may be impossible.

  •  You may experience inner knee instability if you damage your medial collateral ligament.

  •  A damaged lateral collateral ligament may produce instability in the outer knee. 

Ligament tears and sprains can occur when the knee receives a sharp impact while your leg is planted. But your ligament problems may also develop gradually due to a combination of repetitive motion, excess weight, an unbalanced posture and/or weak muscle support.

Athletes often suffer from an instability of the cartilage that holds the kneecap in place. This condition, patellofemoral syndrome, is better known as runner's knee. It's also possible to suffer from chronic knee bursitis or irritation of a tissue called the iliotibial band.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Different kinds of knee problems may produce different kinds of knee pain. If, for instance, your knee pain is an annoying ache that grows worse with age, with the worst stiffness following a period of inactivity, your Sugar Land chiropractor may suspect arthritis (which can be confirmed with diagnostic imaging). Sharp pain and lameness in only one knee may indicate bursitis or a ruptured ligament.

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment

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Thankfully, only the most severe knee damage calls for surgery. Unless you actually have to have cartilage removed or a ligament stitched back into place, your chiropractor in Sugar Land can most likely give you the knee pain relief you need through conservative care. An extensive evaluation can help us determine, not only the direct cause of your pain but also the circumstances that brought it about. This allows us to treat both your symptoms and their causes. Your personalized knee pain treatment plan may include: 

•  Chiropractic care - Chiropractic adjustments to the knee can help the join components move more freely, while adjustments to the spinal column can help correct larger physical imbalances. 

•  Physical therapy - Heat, ice, exercises and other forms of physical therapy can rehabilitate an injured knee or increase range of motion in a knee suffering from a chronic condition. 

•  Laser therapy - MLS Laser therapy can stimulate the healing of knee tissues while also relieving your pain without drugs. 

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