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Our Sugar Land Back Pain Doctor Can Help You Feel Better Naturally

If you find yourself tortured or even immobilized by back pain, you’re far from the only one. It’s the leading cause of disability in America, and as many as one-half of all Americans complain of back pain every year. Nearly four-fifths of us will combat this for sooner or later — but the good news is that drugs and surgery aren’t your only two weapons against it.

Here at Hogan Chiropractic, our Sugar Land back pain doctor can root out the cause of your lower or upper back pain and provide natural, non-invasive treatments to help you get your body back on track.

Causes of Upper and Lower Back Pain

Your back may look like a single, unified structure built around the spinal column, but it’s more complex than that. The spine itself is considered to include several major sections. The topmost section, the cervical spine, makes up the neck.

Just below this, the 12 vertebrae of the thoracic spine represent the upper and middle back. The lower back includes the lumbar and sacral vertebrae. Fluid-filled discs cushion each vertebrae against impacts while also maintaining a constant amount of space between them.

Major muscle groups and connective tissues support the entire structure and allow it to twist and bend as needed. Upper or lower back pain can therefore stem from a number of possible conditions and injuries afflicting any of these components. Examples include:

  • Acute soft tissue strain due to a sports, workplace, or auto accident injury
  • Bulging or herniated discs that push outward from the spinal column, compressing nearby spinal nerve roots
  • Arthritis or inflammation in the spinal joints, typically resulting from an age-related loss of disc height
  • Spinal alignment problems that affect your physical balance and leave you with chronic muscle pain
  • Postural and weight abnormalities due to obesity, pregnancy, or other conditions
  • Spinal stenosis, bone spurs, spondylolithesis, and other degenerative ailments that afflict the vertebrae

Acute lower or upper back pain may resolve itself once the underlying injury has received the proper treatment for complete healing. But chronic pain conditions may linger indefinitely, requiring ongoing management from a skilled Sugar Land chiropractor to keep the symptoms in check.

Chiropractors Hold the Key to Non-Surgical Back Pain Relief

Are you hesitant about undergoing major back surgery to ease your pain? You’re right to assume that this form of care should be reserved for worst-case scenarios. Removing parts of spinal discs or fusing vertebrae together changes the spine permanently, and not always for the better. At the same time, however, taking painkillers on a regular basis can raise worries about addiction or drug interactions — and this approach only eases the surface symptoms temporarily.

Chiropractors offer ideally safe, conservative treatment options that actually treat the reasons for your back pain, not just the pain itself. Our Sugar Land chiropractor will first pinpoint the exact location and condition that requires care. We can then build an individual treatment plan consisting of such effective methods as:

  • Spinal adjustment – Small, targeted adjustment of your vertebral joints can improve joint function, reduce pain, and improve your overall spinal alignment.
  • Non-surgical spinal decompression – Our spinal decompression therapy can treat disc-related back pain without the need for surgery. This technique uses flexion distraction force from a motorized table to shift discs away from nerve tissues.
  • MLS laser therapy – MLS laser therapy uses low-level laser energy to penetrate soft tissues harmlessly. The energy stimulates cellular repair while also boosting blood flow and easing back pain.
  • Corrective exercises – We can prescribe specific exercises and stretches to help you rehabilitate a nagging back problem.
  • Lifestyle recommendations – From smarter workplace ergonomics to maintaining a healthier weight, we can help you help your back.

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